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Smart Blade GmbH is committed to high level, high-end research

SMART BLADE GmbH is committed to the development of highly innovative products and customized solutions as well as to high level research in the field of wind turbine aerodynamics and blade design. By introducing intelligent aerodynamic flow control solutions to both existing and new wind turbines we aim to assist wind turbine designers, manufacturers and operators to increase the operation efficiency of wind turbines. Our industrial products and our research projects cover the whole spectrum of wind turbine technology. Reliable, robust and cost effective solutions are developed for the special needs of our customers, parallel to more futuristic approaches which are investigated for the wind turbines of the future. By assisting in the creation of better wind turbines we aim to contribute to the increase of the global wind energy production.

  • Smart Blade Products

    Wind turbine blade manufacturers as well as wind turbine operators often face problems with blade production quality or aerodynamic performance deficit. (Reduced energy yield, unsatisfactory power curve e.t.c). SMART BLADE is able to provide consulting services in the field of both wind turbine blade manufacturing and of aerodynamic performance. Custom aerodynamic performance boosting solutions (e.g. Vortex Generators) can be developed according to customers' needs and increase the energy yield of existing wind turbine blade designs.

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  • Smart Blade Research

    One of the core activities of SMART BLADE GmbH is the intensive R&D of innovative solutions in the field of wind turbine aerodynamics and blade design. Through the intensive research it is possible to remain one step ahead of the market trends and develop the future wind turbine blade innovations.

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SMARTviz and SMART BLADE VGs referenced by WindPower Monthly

Windpower Monthly published an article on WT blade O&M with extensive referencing on various repair, education...

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Use of the SMART BLADE visualization wind tunnel at the London Imperial College

The introduction of non-engineers as well as young kids to aerodynamics is not a trivial task. For this reason SMA...

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EDPR Picks SMART BLADE VGs for 300 of its assets!!

We are delighted to announce that our Vortex Generator (VG) solution was selected by EDPR and will equip 300 of it...

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