Your specialist in wind turbine aerodynamics.


SMART BLADE is a dynamic and innovative company active in the field of wind turbine aerodynamics. Our core activities include the development of aerodynamic blade add-ons, small blade and wind turbine designs and a high activity in wind turbine research.



Are you interested in 1-3% more AEP? We are offering performance upgrades for wind turbines.

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Profit from our engineering competence. We design small wind turbines & blades and experimental research models.

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Through our close collaboration with the Berlin Institute of Technology, we are heavily involved in academic research.

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SMART BLADE is the market leader for aerodynamic performance upgrades on multi-brand wind turbines.

Our Vortex Generators are installed on over 2000 turbines already. As an engineering company, we support our customers with a turn-key solution including a thorough power performance evaluation.

Even more, with our strong knowledge in big SCADA data analysis, we are able to optimize your whole wind farm.

With a passion for aerodynamics and academic research, we provide a novel in-field flow visualization for wind turbines (SMARTVIz) and offer all design and development services for small wind turbines and blades.

Furthermore, we provide unique and customized wind tunnel test turbines and experimental wind tunnel wing models.