Experimental Investigation of Dynamic Load Control Strategies using Active Microflaps on Wind Turbine Blades.

EWEA 2011 Scientific Proceedings March 17, 2011
Authors: O. Eisele, G. Pechlivanoglou, Christian Navid Nayeri, Christial Oliver Paschereit

A control system consisting of a force sensor, a controller and the microflap as an actuator was designed and tested in the wind tunnel. For this purpose a test wing with constant cross section, based on the dedicated wind turbine airfoil AH 93-W-174 was equipped with a trailing edge microflap with a flap-chord of 1.6%c.Measurements were accomplished at the large wind tunnel of the Herman Föttinger Institute (HFI) of the TU-Berlin. Wind gusts were simulated by varying the angle of attack of the airfoil model with a maximum angular velocity of 2.2°/s. The microflap could be deflected simultaneously with a deflection speed of approximately 300°/s.