Development of a Flexible Trailing Edge Flap and System Integration Concept for Wind Turbine Blades.

Conference Proceedings DEWEK 2012 November 7, 2012
Authors: J. Fischer, G. Weinzierl,  G. Pechlivanoglou, J. Wagner

This paper describes the design of a flexible trailing edge flap and its system integration for an exemplary 250kW prototype test turbine with a forward look to a multi megawatt approach. Necessary requirements forthe envisioned system are derived by aerodynamic simulations as well as general system studies. The development of the flap system is documented from the points of structural design of the flap and the choice of suitable actuators in connection with the system integration. A wind tunnel test model equipped with the flap prototype was built for aerodynamic and mechanical investigations in the wind tunnel facilities of HFI/ISTA at the Berlin Institute of Technology. Steady state wind tunnel tests were conducted.