Vortex Generators for Wind Turbine Blades: Wind Tunnel Tests, Field Simulations and Structural Analysis.

Proceedings of the Conference on Wind Energy Science and Technology, RUZGEM 2013 October 3, 2013
Authors: G. Pechlivanoglou, S.Vey, O.Eisele, T.P. Philippidis,  Christian Navid Nayeri, C.O. Paschereit

This paper presents wind tunnel and field investigations on the aerodynamic effects of Vortex Generators(VGs) on wind turbine performance. Field results validate the aerodynamic simulations with respect to the expected energy production benefits of VGs on wind turbines.Additionally structural analysis simulations were performed in order to assess the effect of additional loading due to VGs on the blade structure. The results of the simulations show that the additional loading due to VGs has very low impact on the blade structure, significantly lower than its design load levels.