Vortex Generators for Wind Turbine Blades: A Combined Wind Tunnel and Wind Turbine Parametric Study.

ASME IGTI Turbo Expo Proceedings June 2012
Authors: H. M. Vahl, G. Pechlivanoglou, C.N. Nayeri, C.O. Paschereit

Vortex generators (VGs) are passive flow control device that are commonly employed to prevent flow separation on wind turbine blades. They mitigate the damaging fatigue loads resulting from stall while increasing lift and consequently lead to rotor torque increase. This work summarizes a comprehensive research project aimed at optimizing the sectional as well as the full rotor-blade aerodynamics using VGs.The effects of chordwise position, spanwise spacing and VG size were studied with force balance measurements of a 2D wing section.  Particle Image Velocimetry measurements were conducted at various chordwise positions to provide insight into the interaction between adjacent streamwise vortices. The experimental aerodynamic performance curves of the optimal VG configuration were used to project their effect on wind turbine blade aerodynamics.