Active stall control solutions for power regulation and load alleviation of large wind turbines.

Conference on Modelling Fluid Flow (CMFF’12) The 15 th International Conference on Fluid Flow Technologies Budapest, Hungary September 4, 2012
Authors: G. Pechlivanoglou, C. N. Nayeri, C. O. Paschereit

Large wind turbine blades suffer from the effects of high fluctuating aerodynamic loads, which lead to extreme load and power peaks. The existing blade pitch systems are required to operate reliably for several million cycles through the lifetime of the turbine. At the same time they are expected to be fast enough to adapt the blade positions to the current wind regimes. The pitch rates, however, are also limited by the structural integrity and torsional stiffness of the blades thus creating a very complex system control problem. The current paper proposes the use of active stall control elements on the blades forload alleviation and partial power regulation.Vertical and inclined spoilers as well as inflatable stall ribs are parametrically investigated in the wind tunneland tested on virtual blade simulations.